Friday Night Funkin Pibby Trouble MOD – Download

Download FNF Pibby Trouble – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a new MOD of the Pibby style, in which we will face the usual characters in this type of MODs, and in which we will see one of the most typical characters of these MODs. We present a new spectacular adventure, both graphically and musically, that will leave you with your mouth open.

Pibby Trouble

Pibby Trouble offers us a new playable week for Friday Night Funkin’ in it only includes for now an unreleased song to date known as Pibby Trouble. Although we only have one song, this has a great duration and is very fun to play, so we will not notice the difference compared to other MODs that have a greater number of songs.

Graphically, FNF Pibby Trouble brings us a number of new features. To begin with, the whole MOD has a Pibby style aesthetic, so the Skins of the characters have this style so characteristic of these MODs, and we will also see one of the Powerpuff Girls. As if that were not enough, the customized Background that we will have has a very well elaborated aesthetic and fits perfectly with the MOD.

New features of Pibby Trouble FNF MOD

  • New playable week.
  • An unreleased song.
  • Pibby type atmosphere.
  • Custom background.

Download Pibby Trouble for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0