Mind Games FNF MOD – VS Psychic WEEK – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Friday Night Funkin’ Mind Games (VS Psychic) is a new complete MOD for FNF, which for now contains a new week VS Psychic, but also contains a new achievements system and other small improvements that make it a kind of new Engine for the game. For now, the MOD contains little content, as it has just been released, but it is planned that little by little new songs and unreleased characters will be added.

VS Psychic FNF MOD

As for the content of VS Psychic, the first original week included in the MOD, and its main attraction at the moment, the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised. For now it has two new songs (one of them bonus) that have very funny charts and a spectacular quality.

The aesthetic part of FNF VS Psychic is another detail to highlight, since the skin of Psychic is very well designed, as well as the two new backgrounds that the MOD offers us so far. And that’s not all, as FNF Mind Games includes new cinematics (the one I like the most is the one at the end of the first song), and new improvements for the official weeks of the game.

FNF Mind Games bonus song

In addition to the VS Psychic week’s content, Friday Night Funkin’ Mind Games tweaks certain details of the game that bring it a few extra quality points:

  • New improvements for each week of the game
  • New Achievements system (you’ll have to figure out how to unlock each one.
  • New input system and new engine, although it is still vanilla.
  • New mechanics for the game.

VS Psychic FULL WEEK Mind Games Update

In this update, what already seemed to be a good MOD, has become a title worthy of the Friday Night Funkin’ Hall of Fame, and with this week’s release, graphical improvements have been introduced to the MOD, as well as playable content. As if all this were not enough, we can also count with animated Cutscenes, with built-in dialogues that will tell us the story and the plot of the MOD.

VS Psychic

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New features of Mind Games FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New week VS Psychic.
  • Notable improvements for different aspects of the game.
  • New details in the official weeks of the game.
  • New Achievements system.

Latest VS Psychic updates

  • v0.1 – Beta Version.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ Mind Games – VS Psychic Week

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