Download FNF MEGA MIX MOD – Friday Night Funkin’

Friday Night Funkin MEGA MIX MOD is a MOD Pack for FNF that includes a large number of famous MODs in one, so that we can access a lot more content in a single MOD. To give you an idea, the most famous FNF MODs usually weigh about 200MB, and FNF MEGA MIX MOD weighs more than 1GB, so you can imagine all the content included.

FNF Mega Mix MOD

Among the MODs included in this incredible Pack, you can find some of the most famous of today, such as NEO, Monika, Beach Brother, VS Whitty, B-Sides or Vanilla+. All the MOD content will be accessible from the Freeplay tab, where you will be impressed by the amount of different songs you can access.

If you are looking for new challenges in FNF, you should download FNF MEGA MIX, since as of today it is the MOD that adds the most content, even if it is by compiling other MODs. Simply put, it is a very convenient option to not have to be constantly changing MODs.

What is included in MEGA MIX FNF MOD?


  • A large number of MODs included in FreePlay: VS Whitty, B-Sides, NEO, Beach Brother, etc…
  • Many songs included in FreePlay.
  • Lots of additional songs
  • .

Latest updates of MEGA MIX MOD

  • V4.4 – Added Monika and EX GF MOD.
  • V4.3 – Added Henry MOD and B-Sides
  • V4.2
  • V4.1
  • V4.0

Download Friday Night Funkin MEGA MIX MOD

Name The X Event MOD
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 180MB
Developers NyxTheShield
Version V2
Date 01/04/2021

Link – Download

How to install MEGA MIX FNF MOD

MEGA MIX already has the executable file that allows it to run on its own without the need to install it on the original game. Simply unzip the file you have downloaded and enjoy all the content it includes.