FNF Five Nights At Treasure Island – Download

Download FNF Five Nights At Treasure Island – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes spectacular content, which includes a completely different mechanic to what we are used to in FNF. In this MOD based on the creepypasta video game Treasure Island we will not only have to face a musical challenge, but we will also have to play the role of security guards using BF as a character, all this with an absolutely terrifying atmosphere and new characters that will appear to scare us to death.

Five Nights at treasure island

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Five Nights At Treasure Island FNF Week contains 3 new songs including a tutorial to help us get the hang of what to do during the songs in this MOD. These songs offer an added level of difficulty thanks to its new game mechanics, in which we will find ourselves sitting in front of a computer watching the security cameras. From time to time characters like Oswald Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Goofy or Minnie Mouse will come in their most terrifying versions and we will have to stay completely still, or turn off the cameras. For certain characters it is only possible to turn off the cameras, otherwise we will be trapped and die. Turning off the cameras consumes our battery, which we can later recover by singing and hitting musical notes.

Graphically, FNF Five Nights At Treasure Island offers us a new custom background, a new skin for BF with a Mickey Mouse cap and security guard uniform, new home screen and custom menu, and cutscenes with sound effects and horror visual effects. This is a MOD that stands out especially for including new game mechanics that greatly change the gameplay of Friday Night Funkin’, as well as terrifying sound effects, offering a different game that is definitely worth enjoying.

The last song is the most complicated to beat, as it offers a combination of several mechanics that we have to take into account. Below we will tell you what these mechanics are.

Controls and game mechanics for night 6 in Five Nights At Treasure


  • Shift to turn off the light
  • Ctrl to stay still
  • Space to turn off, which will cause us to lose 5% of battery

Mechanics to follow:

  • If Mickey blocks your vision completely turn the light off, when he leaves turn the light on
  • If Mickey is on the right side of the light bulb, stay still
  • If Mickey comes through the door on the right, turn off the light
  • If Mickey comes through the left door stay still
    If Mickey comes from the front, turn off the light
  • Play the notes to replenish energy
  • Start playing and don’t shit your pants with the fear of this game

New features of Five Nights At Treasure Island FNF MOD

  • 3 Nights
  • 3 New Songs
  • 7 New Antagonists
  • New mechanics
  • Custom background
  • Custom home screen
  • Custom menu
  • Cutscenes

Download Five Nights At Treasure Island for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK