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Download FNF Craziness Injection SuicideMouse.Avi – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ which includes a new version of SuicideMouse.AVI, this is a version based on the old Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 60s. Although we already have several MODS of Mickey Mouse.AVI, this one has a unique style that is worth trying.

Craziness Injection

Click here to play FNF Crazyness Injection 1.0 Online

Craziness Injection SuicideMouse.Avi offers us a new week that includes three songs called “Bad thoughts”, “Suffering” and “Overjoy”. These songs offer great sounding names, while still keeping in line with the style of these Mods where Mickey constantly changes moods. These are songs that offer a high level of difficulty, with character vocals that offer great quality. We have to highlight that “Overjoy” is the most complicated song of the MOD and the one with the best rhythm.

Graphically, FNF Craziness Injection SuicideMouse.Avi offers a customized background and a stage with black and white colors. It also offers a skin for BF that looks super cool, introductory cinematic, and character animations to the rhythm of the music. We are in front of a MOD whose theme is very exploited, but far from looking like another SuicideMouse.AVI MOD, it has its own very enjoyable style. Besides, it is still in demo version and its creators are planning to include more contents.

Full Week 2 & Minnie Mouse Update

A few weeks after the release of the MOD in its version 0.1, the first major update of this title has been released, in which the main new features are the integration of a new week. In this case the second and the inclusion of a new character: Minnie Mouse, which we will see both in the animated Cutscenes and in the musical duels themselves. In general terms, the MOD follows the same line as in the original version, both musically and graphically.

New features of Craziness Injection SuicideMouse.Avi FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • New Songs
  • Custom Background
  • Skin for BF
  • New design of SuicideMouse.AVI
  • Cinematics

Download Craziness Injection SuicideMouse.Avi for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

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