FNF But Funni: Week 4 FULL WEEK – Download MOD

Friday Night Funkin’ But Funni: Week 4 is the new update in a series of MODs that edits different weeks of the game, adding in them different memes and nonsense (that for some people are funny). Each update like this one also includes all the previous weeks of the game (that’s a few now).

FNF But Funni: Week 4

This series of MODs does not retouch the complete weeks (sometimes yes), but it usually includes one of the songs of the weeks with a small edit of the audio and some inclusions in the skins or in the background. In general it is one of the series of “meme” MODs that is having more popularity in recent months (it is also true that there are not many more options).

As we commented, if you download this update you will be able to play all the weeks that have appeared in this series (unlike the unblocked version, which only offers the new week).

New features of FNF But Funni Week 4

  • New remix of one of the songs from FNF Week 4

Download FNF But Funni Week 4 for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest updates for FNF But Funni Week 4

  • v1.0 Week 4 Update- Includes all weeks of FNF But Funni