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B-Side Remixes FNF MOD is one of the Friday Night Funkin’ MODs that adds the most new content to the game, in terms of new songs (more than 20). Downloading and installing this MOD will give you access to a complete overhaul of the game, in which all the songs have been revamped and the character skins have been revised to give them a fresher touch.

You can search all you want, but you won’t find almost any MOD (not to say none) that adds the great amount of songs and content that this game incorporates. For this reason it is one of the most known and downloaded MODs of the moment (more than half a million downloads). It is a MOD that we recommend from FNFunkin, given its quality and all the new entertainment that it will provide. In addition, its developers, Rozebud and Cval, are reputable FNF modders who never fail to bring us good MODs.

Undoubtedly, this MOD enters by honors among the top 10 Friday Night Funkin’ MODs in 2021. Download it and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

What does B-Side Remixes FNF MOD include?

  • A complete overhaul of all the songs in the game for new versions (+20 new songs!)
  • Graphic renovation of the game by retouching skins to make it look cooler. (The skins of this MOD are spectacular, and the change for the better is very noticeable.)
  • All new unreleased game from the first week to the last week.

Latest updates of B-Side Remixes MOD

  • weeks 5 & 6.
  • week 4.

Download Friday Night Funkin B-Side Remixes MOD

MOD Name B-Side Remixes
Game Friday Night Funkin
Size 184MB
Developers Rozebud, Jads, Cval
Version 4.0
Date 02/03/2021

Link – Download