FNF Arrow Funk Remixes [VS WEEK 1-3] Update – Download MOD

Download FNF Arrow Funk – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ which includes three new weeks with lots of content which stands out mainly for offering a super cool, colorful, and fun design of the entire stage, from the arrows to the backogrunds and skins of the characters.

Arrow Funk

FNF Arrow Funk features 9 new songs (remixes), plus a tutorial, which offer a medium/high difficulty mode that changes throughout the songs. These are songs with a relaxed and pleasant rhythm. The songs in this MOD are presented in a similar way to the original weeks of FNF, as in the tutorial and week 1 we will face Daddy Dearest while in week 2 we will face Skid and Pump and in week 3 we will face Pico, of course. It is worth noting that the MOD offers two extra songs and one of them includes the appearance of Shaggy.

In terms of graphics FNF Arrow Funk offers a spectacular quality, including new skins for all the classic FNF characters that appear in this MOD. They have a really nice and worked design, changing the stages completely. In the tutorial we will see a skin for Daddy Deares, in which he appears in his rapper version with a diamond microphone, 3D cinema glasses, an earring in the ear, rings, and even a hat and rapper shoes.

In the first week we will find a new skin for Daddy Dearest, in which he appears with huge shiny golden sunglasses, as well as a golden microphone and more details. In the second week we will see a new skin for Skid and Pump, and in the third week we have a nice skin for Pico. In addition, we will have new backgrounds for each week, new customized arrows with colors that match the background, as well as a customized menu and screen with a very cool design.FNF Arrow Funk

We will also have new skins for BF and GF, with a very well worked design in general. One of the most remarkable things is the stage of the last song of the second week, in which we will find a dance floor with different animations, and as a dj a spider that releases a greenish liquid both on the floor and above the characters (replacing BF).

New features of Arrow Funk FNF MOD

  • 3 New weeks.
    • 9 New songs.
    • 2 Bonus songs.
  • New character skins (BG, GF, Daddy Dearest, Skid, Pump).
  • Custom menu and home screen.
  • New custom background.
  • Customized background.
  • Arrows with custom colors.

Download FNF Arrow Funk for Friday Night Funkin

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.5.1 – FULL WEEK