FNF Nights Of Funkin’ – NEW FNF Event (+40 MODs Confirmed)

FNF Nights Of Funkin’ is a new FNF event that includes over 40 MODs in its list of confirmed releases, which will be given at the end of August. It is an event very similar to Funkin’ Forward, which will show trailers of numerous MODs developed by different DEVs.

Nights Of Funkin' Event

Considering the success of the first event of this style, the desire for the day to enjoy all these trailers is quite high among the community. As we have already mentioned, it is expected that the date will be in August, more specifically on the 27th, but there is still a long way to go to be able to specify it completely.

Nights Of Funkin’ (August 2021) – List Of Confirmed MODs

Nights Of Funkin MODs

Luckily, and although there is still more than a month left, we have already been able to know the MODs that will be presented during this event. As they are not so well known, and we don’t have images of most of them, we can’t know for sure if the quality of them. However, there are some of them whose names will ring a bell. This is the confirmed list:

  • FNF Firesotrm
  • FNF HellBeats
  • Friday Niite Freestyle
  • Pixel Tricky
  • FNF A Date With Destiny
  • FNF Sunny
  • FNF Loaded
  • FNF Alpha Minus
  • FNF Dangerous Deals
  • FNF Bad-Sides
  • VS Mickey
  • FNF B3-Sides
  • VS Gary
  • VS The Entity
  • Castle Crashers Boss Rushed Revived
  • FNF Memeverse
  • FNF Subway Clash
  • VS Hunter
  • Shtpost Zoo
  • Alpha Minus
  • FNF Reanimated
  • Diary of Friday Night
  • FNF Shuffle
  • VS Specter Knight
  • Friday Night Flubbin’
  • VS DOM
  • FNF Reddsides
  • VS Slushy
  • Monday Midnight Moshing
  • Unified Beats
  • The Funkin’ Of Isaac
  • Douga Dayz
  • FNF SugarRush
  • The Funkin Journey
  • Jukai Mix
  • FNF Lov3r
  • VS Chorus Kid
  • Pixel Matt
  • FNF Zero
  • Starstricken Showdown
  • VS Rayhero
  • Haunted Hotel Mayhem
  • VS Rayman
  • VS Joadash

As you may have noticed, the list is promising, and includes several titles that already exist and will be releasing their updates during the event, as well as new releases.

Nights Of Funkin’ 2021 – Official Trailer

When is Night Of Funkin’ 2021, where to watch it?

At the moment there is a long way to go before we can nail down exactly these details, but the trailer has indicated that the event is likely to happen on August 27. It will surely be available to watch on the channel of one of the event organizers.