Funkin’ Forward F3 (FNF Event) – August 27th NEW

Funkin’ Forward (F3 Event) is an online Friday Night Funkin’ event where different trailers of MODs that are going to be released soon (or even released during the event) will be presented. There are numerous well-known MODs and developers participating in this event, and they are going to announce new releases during the event.

Funkin' Forward

The event was announced for July 9, but there were problems and it has been delayed to today, July 10. You can check all the information about Funkin’ Forward from FNFunkin, as we will cover the whole event to offer all the interesting information as soon as possible.

Funkin Forward August 2021 (27th) – New event

Today will be posted live at 4PM Central the second edition of Funkin’ Forward, which will be streamed on Youtube. The live is already officially created on Youtube, and will start at the set time (this time it doesn’t look like it will be delayed, as the creators are more experienced).

The number of titles to be released in this new event is smaller (26), but the quality of each of them is spectacular. We are assured of a spectacular event, which will not leave anyone indifferent. We will keep you informed about the news as the event takes place. Here you can see the different official trailers that will be given during the event:

Funkin Forward

As you can see, the list is spectacular and the quality is totally assured. Let’s hope that the MODs presented will not take long to be published officially.

Funkin’ Forward July 2021 – All official trailers and announcements

PS: All the content from here on belongs to the previous event, which took place in July.

Finally we have been able to enjoy one of the most awaited events by the FNF community: Funkin’ Forward. After a long wait of 3 days, we have managed to carry out all the necessary tasks to make it happen, and the event has more than met the expectations (for me it has exceeded them).

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that the new Forward Launcher has also been announced, with which you will be able to access in one click to download all the MODs of the event.

Most important announcements of Funkin’ Forward (July 2021)

First, let’s start with the confirmed updates of famous MODs that have been announced during the event:

  • FNF HD Week 5: This is one of the most famous MODs in the history of the game, and finally its new update has been confirmed, which will add a new week to this HD version of FNF.
  • Smoke Em Out Struggle + 2.0 Update: A new update to the VS Garcello MOD has also been confirmed, which includes new improvements that we will be able to enjoy in the next release, which will be given in the next few weeks.
  • FNF NEO 3.0 Update: Another of the big bombshells of the event, the new update of one of the most famous rehauls of the game. It has not been specified what new features it will contain.
  • FNF RPG: A MOD whose DEMO was recently released and has been officially announced to be released in the coming weeks.
  • VS Bob 2.0 Update: Although we already knew about it before, this update has been officially announced during the event.
  • VS NDXL: An update that will bring us a complete rechart of the 7 songs included. New Intense Mode.

And now let’s get to the most important of all, the new releases confirmed during Funkin’ Forward:

  • FNF Entity: The new VS Agoti update will also provide you with a new name change. In this new version we will be able to enjoy a new VS Solazar week. It is without a doubt my favorite release at the event.
  • FNF Moonlight: Another of the MODs that has impressed me the most of the whole event, which promises a total of 5 new weeks for the game, all of them against different characters. The first release of the MOD will feature no less than 12 new songs.FNF Moonlight
  • Mii Funkin’: Undoubtedly one of the most impressive new features, as it promises to include 12 complete new weeks, starting with MATT Remixed, a new version that promises very complicated charts.
  • FNF B3 Remixed: One of the most awaited REMIX of FNF, which will contain new skins for each of the characters, and remixed versions of all the songs.
  • FNF Unholy Matrimony: The MOD that until now we knew as VS DEMON GF, has also been made official with a new name within this event. It is one of those that seems that will work more the part of cinematics and history of the entire list of new features.Unholy Matimony
  • FNF X: Or so it seems to be called, it is one of the Full Week MODs on the list that most caught my attention, as it will allow us to play in the position of the bad guy, Crow.
  • FNF Immunus Showdown: Another multiweek MOD that promises to add different new characters to the game, of which we have already been able to see the first images.
  • FNF Soft: A new aesthetic and musical rehaul of the game, which will include more than 15 new songs and looks amazing.
  • VS Retrospecter: A MOD that looks spectacular, both for the music and the new aesthetics (just look at the new GF and the speakers she sits on). It’s another one that I think will give more to talk about once it’s released.VS Retrospecter
  • MOD: A MOD with a name as peculiar as the new opponent it includes. With a total of 5 songs, it’s one of the best looking Full Week MODs of all those that have been announced.
  • FNF All Out
  • Byte Funkin’
  • FNF Encyclomania
  • FNF Incident
  • VS TME
  • FNF B Team
  • VS Ruria
  • FNF Restraint
  • Monday Dusk Monolith
  • Vs Omori Full Week

Watch Funkin’ Forward Online – FNF Event

Here’s the full YouTube live stream, which showed all the new features we’ve been discussing:

What MODs are included in Funkin’ Forward

WARNING: All content from here on is pre-event, so the information is not entirely accurate (all of the above is).

There is a very extensive list of participants for the event, but there are different titles that stand out above all others. We wanted to separate the content into two main lists: known MODs that are going to be updated, and MODs that are going to be officially shown and released during the event.

Funkin’ Forward – New updates of known MODs


    • VS Matt 3 (Wii Funkin’) – Finally, we can enjoy the new update of one of the most popular MODs


  • FNF Entity: Agoti’s new update, another one of the event’s bombshells.
  • FNF Bob’s Onslaught: Another one of the most awaited updates, which will bring us new features in the VS Bob’s MOD (Every FNF MOD Ever)
  • GF Demon: we don’t know what kind of new features we will be able to see, but it is confirmed for the event.
  • FNF Moonlight: A MOD that arouses a lot of interest and of which we have not yet seen any information, which increases the hype around it.
  • FNF HD Week 5: surely the new FNF HD update incorporating this new week will finally be released.
  • VS NDXL: we will see some new features of which we do not have much information.
  • VS Yoshi.
  • FNF Immortal Specimen: One of the most awaited MODs, which could show more images about its progress.

Funkin’ Forward – Official Releases of New MODs + Showcases


    • Friday Night Funkin’ Soft: Trailer and official release


  • VS Omori: Tralier of the Full Week version!
  • VS Geno: Trailer and official release of the full version.
  • Friday Night Funkin’ B3 Remixed: Trailer and official release of the v1 version.
  • Monday Dusk Monolith: Will be released during the event.
  • Friday Night Funkin’ Soft: Official release during the event.
  • FNF VS Ruria: A MOD that has already been released, even though it was announced to be officially released during the event.
  • Byte Funkin’: Images will be shown about the MOD, although it will not be released.

And those are not all the MODs that are going to be seen during the event, as there are many others of which we don’t have any information and that will also be shown during the event. From FNFunkin we will cover the event and gather all the important information to bring as soon as possible all the most interesting releases of the new week.

What time is Funkin’ Forward? Where can I watch it?

The time of the event depends on the country you are in, so ideally you should look at the schedule in the following link, which adapts to the time in your region:

Link – Check event time.

The main live stream will be on Pip’s channel, although it looks like there will be numerous MODs that will also be doing the launch separately on other channels, and are scheduled for similar times to the event.

Link – Official Funkin’ Forward channel.

Funkin’ Forward has been delayed, when will the event be held

After being delayed for 2 or 3 days already, due to technical problems with the rendering (at least that’s what the developer says), it seems that Funkin’ Forward is going to continue to be delayed for an indefinite period of time. It is not yet known for sure when the event will take place, as the organizer has not specified anything yet. We will keep an eye on the news to update the post.

Update – The event is now confirmed for today, July 12, at 3PM Central US.