Friday Night Site FULL WEEK – Download MOD (Fanmade)

Friday Night Site is a new FNF MOD that includes a new full week includes different clashes between BF and SCP special forces. It is a MOD that has raised a lot of controversy, as it is based on a MOD (Foundation) that was about to be released, and to which they have removed hype by publishing this version, in which they have used original files from the other MOD for inspiration.

Friday Night Site

Beyond the controversy, Friday Night Site FNF MOD is a pretty interesting release, and I don’t think anyone will have any problem having played this one before when they release the original (which will surely be even better than this one). Included in this fanmade version are 4 new songs, each with their own special quirks, as they all feature their own character (or group of characters). What stands out most about the music is its freneticism, which offers some pretty fast charts that, therefore, are quite difficult to beat.

By having such a variety of characters, it is a MOD that stands out for its artistic part (although this is perhaps due to the original, since all the assets come from there). Each confrontation has its own background, some of them full of details related to the main character. The fourth and last confrontation is the one that changes the most with respect to the others, and one of those that includes more details (in addition to a fairly high difficulty).

New features of Friday Night Site FNF MOD

  • New week for FNF.
  • 4 new complete new songs.
  • 4 new characters and 4 new stages.
  • It should be emphasized that it is inspired by a MOD that has not yet been released.

Download Friday Night Site for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – DownloadOption 2

Latest updates to Friday Night Site

  • v1.0 – Full Week Version