FNF Minus Hypno’s Lullaby MOD – Download

Download FNF Minus Hypno’s Lullaby – The Minus Hypno’s Lullaby version is here! It was to be expected, after the success of the Hypno’s Lullaby MOD, that several versions of it would be released. And although it has been surprising the number of MODS that have been released based on this theme, the Minus version could not be missing. Here are some of the features offered by this new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ and its recent update.

Lullaby Minus

Minus Hypno’s Lullaby FNF has 3 new songs that include spectacular special effects and the Minus versions of the characters of the MOD Hypno’s Lullaby. In the first song we will find the Minus version of the Pokémon Hypno, in a battle against BF, in the second song we will have a greater challenge, also at the hands of Minus Hyno, and in the third song we will have an epic battle against Minus Gold.

Minus Hypno’s Lullaby offers changes in the design of the characters, as well as adding a new Hypno spirit in fuchsia pink that looks really cool. It is a MOD full of details that perfectly adapts the Minus versions that we enjoy so much to this FNF MOD. We are facing a MOD whose difficulty and aesthetics make it worth trying. As much as Hypno’s Lullaby MODS keep coming out, if they have this level of quality, we will not get tired of it.

The latest MOD update also includes the Minus version for the character Missigno, the only one that didn’t have a Minus version yet. It is a design that looks great, maintaining the quality level of the previous designs. This is a pretty well worked MOD that offers an interesting graphic section, especially for the skin of Minus Hypno GF, the skin of a skin!

Update 0.4 – Musically we will have a new remix of Misigno that sounds great and offers an extreme challenge in Friday Night Funkin, in some moments the speed of the arrows is so high that we will lose our heads. The second phase of the MOD looks really good, offers special effects and camera turns. We are facing a MOD that allows us to enjoy the Minus concept in Hypnos Lullaby’s and in general it is quite well worked, so it is worth trying it.

New features in Minus Hypno’s Lullaby FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • 3 New Songs
  • New Remix
  • Minus version skins of the characters
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom home screen
  • Dialogs

Download Minus Hypno’s Lullaby for Friday Night Funkin

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Latest MOD updates

  • v0.4 – New Missigno Remix
  • v0.3 – FULL WEEK