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FNF b3 remixed update

Download & Play Online Friday Night Funkin’ B3 Remixed (Sreamixed NEW Update VS B3 Girlfriend) – New mega-release for FNF that includes numerous remixes and redesigns for the game, combined with totally unreleased content, such as new songs and a new character. It’s one of those big game remixes (like FNF Neo or D-Sides), where almost every single element of the game has been revamped and redesigned almost completely.

In FNF B3 Remixed MOD you can enjoy a total of 19 remixes of different songs from the game, accompanied by 5 new totally original songs. Obviously, all the songs that appear in the MOD, whether they are remixes or not, have their own personalized charts (recharts in the case of the remixes). The music in the MOD is generally spectacular, offering remixes of the original songs with a touch of electronic music. Likewise, all the original songs are easily recognizable in their respective remixes.

With the characters it is practically the same, since FNF B3 Remixed offers very interesting redesigns of each of the game’s characters. One of the most remarkable aspects compared to other Remix MODs of the style is the emphasis placed on renewing each of the scenarios in a remarkable way, incorporating new backdgrounds of quite high quality. These elements, added to the quality touches provided by details such as the new customized menus, the new difficulty level, the new settings or the new mechanics, make up one of the best FNF MODs to date.

As if all this were not enough, this is only the first version (1.0) of the MOD, to which it is planned to gradually add content in future updates.

New Update: FNF B3 Remixed 3X3 Update

We already have the new update of the B3 Remixed MOD, known for having great remixes with epic rap battles between the characters featured in it. Also, as if its beat was not enough, the MOD offers a new story for the characters of the main weeks of Friday Night Funkin’ and new skins that look really cool.

We will enjoy BF, GF, Pico, and many more, with a spectacular look and a completely remastered design. New weeks, new songs, new cutscenes and new menu are included in this new MOD update. In addition, some bugs that previous versions had have been fixed. B3 3X3 Remixed has everything it needs to be a hit among players.

New features of B3 Remixed FNF MOD

  • New weeks
  • New remixes
  • New skins
  • Custom backgrounds
  • New menu
  • New story

Download FNF B3 3×3 Remixed (B3 Remixed Update)

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Latest B3 Remixed updates

  • v3.8 – B3 3X3 Remixed Update
  • v3.5 – B3 Screamixed Update
  • v1.0 – Full Week

Old Update: FNF B3 Screamixed

B3 Remixed now has an incredible update 3.5 in which most of the content has been renewed, both graphically and musically, offering exceptional quality level. We will have new remixes and original songs that give rise to a total of 28 songs in which most of them are remixes. In these songs we will find several levels of difficulty (being possible to enjoy a high level). In addition, they include melodies that we will undoubtedly recognize and that sound really good, could you tell in which songs are inspired by the remixes?

In its graphic section it offers numerous changes along with new content such as custom backgrounds, skins for the characters and new story with cutscenes and dialogues. It also has new characters and new mechanics.

It is a MOD that offers a careful level of details, even the design of the tricked arrows combines with the story of the MOD (they have hamburgers design). We are facing one of the best releases of this week, so we just have to start enjoying it.