Vanny FNF Skin (Over Mom) – Download MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

Vanny MOD is a new skin for Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) that comes to replace Mom within your week in the game. Downloading this MOD will only change the aesthetics of the game, and contains no new songs or weeks.

Vanny FNF Skin

Vanny MOD also has a file containing a new skins for the background dancers, which only appear during the MOM week in FNF. You will have to download and install them separately, as they come in two different files.

Download Vanny Skin for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download both files from their respective Google Drive mirrors, which will allow you to download the files quickly and without cuts.

Vanny Skin link – Download

Link bailerines skin – Download

How to install Vanny FNF Skin in FNF

You will need to copy and paste the MOD files into the original game’s file folder, just as is done with any other FNF MOD that needs to be installed in the game (usually happens with those that replace content instead of adding new weeks).