Download Sakuya Izayoi FNF Skin MOD (Friday Night Funkin’)

Sakuya Izayoi MOD is a new skin for Friday Night Funkin’ that allows us to replace Mom’s week with Sakuya Izayoi and her companions. Decsargar this Skin will replace different aesthetic details of Mom’s week, although the original songs of the week will prevail.

Sakuya Izayoi FNF Skin

Mom’s week is a special week, as it contains different elements, such as the slime, that can be customized to go along with the Skin that is made for it. Therefore, Sakuya Izayoi is accompanied by other characters, which make the appearance of this skin in FNF even more atmospheric. It is one of the best skins to replace Mom.

Download Sakuya Izayoi FNF Skin for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download the files of this MOD from the following Google Drive mirror.

Link – Download.

How to install Sakuya Izayoi Skin in FNF

This MOD can be installed by copying and pasting the files inside the original game file folder. Windows will ask you if you want to replace the files, and you will have to say yes to everything. After that, open the game normally and you will be able to enjoy the new Sakuya Izayoi Skin.