Playable Sky over Boyfriend FNF Skin – Download

Playable Sky Over Boyfriend is a Skin for Friday Night Funkin’ that allows you to enjoy the popular protagonist of MOD VS Sky as a replacement for the boyfriend, the main character of the game. Download and install this Skin will allow you to enjoy one of the characters of FNF that has gained more popularity in recent days.

Sky Over Boyfriend

The new Skin of Playable Sky includes only the first “evolution” of Sky, which is a shame, since the last evolution of this character in his original MOD is amazing. Likewise, Sky’s basic Skin is one of the best you can find today; it is truly very well done.

Download Playable Sky Over Boyfriend for FNF

You can download this Skin from the following Google Drive mirror.

Link – Download.

How to install Playable Sky Over Boyfriend in FNF

You will have to insert the MOD files inside the game files folder, so that all the files that already existed previously are replaced. To be more exact, you should paste the files at the same height as the .exe file, in the same folder. If you are not prompted for file replacement, you are not pasting them in the correct location.