Playable Minus GF Skin (Over BF) – Descargar (Friday Night Funkin’)

Playable Minus GF Skin gives us the possibility to replace BF with a new Minus GF skin, with which we can play both the Minus MOD and in any other MOD of the game (and even in the original game). This is one of the best Skins for BF that have appeared in recent weeks, so it is worth a look. It is worth noting that this Skin has not gained popularity solely because of the popularity of Minus MOD, as the quality of the skin and its animations is quite good.

Playable Minus GF Skin (Over BF)

If you install this Skin in Minus MOD you will be able to select it from the BF skin selection menu, a very exclusive option that only this MOD and a few others have. If instead you install it in any MOD or in the official game, simply BF will be replaced by the new Skin.

Download Minus GF Skin for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

How to install Minus GF Skin in Minus MOD and FNF

You should copy and paste the skin files inside the original game files or minus MODs, so that they replace the original ones, so you can play with Minus GF as the main character.

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