Playable Ballistic Whitty (FNF Skin) – Descargar (Friday Night Funkin’)

With Playable Ballistic Whitty Skin you can replace the BF skin with Whitty in Friday Night Funkin’. This is one of the most sought-after skins in the game, as he is one of the most popular characters in the game’s history.

Playable Whitty Skin

In order to play this skin you must replace the files you download with the BF skin, inside the files of the game or MOD in which you want to play as Whitty. It should be noted that this skin is the Ballistic version, which appears in the last confrontation of MOD VS Whitty, so it is the most epic version of the character.

Download Playable Ballistic Whitty for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download