Guido Mista FNF Skin (Over Pico) – Download MOD

Guido Mista MOD is a new skin for Friday Night Funkin’ (unofficial) that allows us to replace the character Pico by a new opponent, Guido Mista, from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5. Downloading this MOD will simply replace Pico’s skin of the week, but the songs of the week will be exactly the same (it’s just an aesthetic change).

Guido Mista FNF Skin

Guido Mista is a pretty well designed Skin that is worthy of replacing Pico (besides, he also carries a gun in his hand and a mic in the other). It is one of the best Skins for Pico, despite the fact that he is one of the characters with the most custom skins.

Download Guido Mista Skin for Friday Night Funkin’

This Skin can be downloaded from Google Drive (we have created a mirror to make downloading easier).

Link – Download

How to install Guido Mista Skin in FNF

To install this MOD you will need to copy and paste the MOD files inside the original game files folder, as it replaces game content. After successfully pasting the files, you should see the new Skin in Pico week.