Fun Sized Hex Skin over Boyfriend (FNF MOD) – Download

With Fun Sized Hex Skin MOD you can replace the original appearance of the groom with a miniature version of HEX, with all his movements and animations included. Downloading and installing this Skin is very simple, and will allow you, among other things, to have the possibility of facing Hex with his mini version (as long as you download VS Hex MOD).

fun sized hex mod

It should be noted that Fun Sized Hex is just a skin, so it will not give us access to any additional game content beyond the appearance of the groom. If you want to take on Hex in a full week, take a look at the MOD that we have previously discussed, VS HEX MOD.

Download Fun Sized Hex Skin for FNF

This skin is completely “legal”, as the game developers allow modders to do whatever they want with FNF. You can download it from Google Drive, at the following link.

Name Fun Sized Hex Skin
Size 8MB
Type Skin
Caracter who changes Boyfriend
Version 3
Date 23/03/2021

Link – Download

How to install Fun Sized Hex Skin for FNF

  1. Download the .rar file and unzip it
  2. Open the folder of files you created, copy them all, and paste them into the game’s file folder.
  3. Replace those files that are repeated.
  4. Replace those files that are repeated.
  5. Open the game and enjoy the Skin.