Boy Girlfriend FNF Skin (Over GF) – Download MOD

Boy Girlfriend MOD is a new Skin for Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) that allows us to replace GF with a new similar Skin, but in its boy version. Downloading this MOD will only give you access to a new Skin for the game, and does not include any additional content.

Boy Girlfriend FNF Skin

This MOD is one of the most popular for replacing GF, as many people get tired of GF’s character always being the same (you have to remember that, as BF, he is in every matchup in the game). It is not the only MOD that replaces GF with a boy skin, but it is the only one that creates a version based on GF herself.

Download Boy Girlfriend Skin for Friday Night Funkin’

This Skin can be downloaded from the following Google Drive mirror, which we have created with the latest update available.

Link – Download

How to install Boy Girlfriend Skin in FNF

This MOD can be easily installed by following these steps:

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded
  2. Copy and paste the MOD files into the original game folder. (If you do it right, you should be prompted to replace some files.)
  3. Download the files you downloaded.
  4. Paste the MOD files into the original game folder.
  5. Open the game and check that the skin has been installed correctly.