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Download VS Waluigi FNF MOD – New release of Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us one of the classic characters of the Mario Bros saga: Waluigi, specifically one of the antagonists of the plumber brothers. Waluigi emerges as the antithesis of Luigi, and in this MOD will be the enemy to overcome, yes, we anticipate that it will not be easy to defeat him.

vs Waluigi

As for the music section, VS Waluigi MOD brings us a new week, which includes 3 unreleased songs to date, in which we will have to face the natural enemy of Luigi. These songs are quite well worked, with a standard difficulty level, except for the last of the songs that does pose a great challenge.

Regarding the graphics of the MOD, this is one of the strong points. As soon as we access the MOD we will find a special start screen, then we will access to some personalized menus very well set in the style of the video games in which Waluigi appears. The background that will set the stages is the famous Waluigi pinball. Finally, in the graphic section we also have to highlight the dialogues of Waluigi with BF and GF, also set in Mario games.

One aspect to take into account is the introduction of a new game mechanic, after overcoming the second of the songs we will access the final song, where we will have to play with an additional type of Chart, the bombs. Whenever a bomb passes through the keys we will have to ignore that note, in case we make a mistake the bomb will explode.

New features of VS Waluigi FNF MOD

  • New week
  • 3 previously unreleased songs.
  • Custom home screen.
  • Customized menu in Mario Bros. style.
  • Customized background with Waluigi’s Pinball.
  • New game mechanics such as Bombs that we will have to avoid in the charts.

Download VS Waluigi for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

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