FNF Clownin’ VS Twitter (Full Week) – Download & Play

In VS Twitter we are presented with a MOD full of current affairs, we could even say that with some social criticism. The story for this occasion consists of BF putting a tweet on the famous Twitter platform, which will generate the tension of most of its users who will come to complain and try to cancel him for that comment. Finally, we will be left with no choice but to take on the entire Twitter platform.

vs twitter

This is a MOD of a high difficulty in the songs, with a background that puts us all the time in the scenario of the fight on Twitter. We can see how throughout the confrontation the intensity in the songs is variable, increasing and decreasing, which generates a very interesting rhythm. In addition, the voices included in the MOD are very interesting and striking. Of course, the two songs included in the MOD, as well as the elements that accompany them, are very well thought out and designed.

As for the graphical aspect we can highlight that the metaphor of the confrontation is very good, the mass of users is represented as a giant clown whose voice is high-pitched and shrill. In the second song this character undergoes a transformation becoming a mixture between the retweet button (RT), represented with the characteristic arrows, and a clown. During this song the two appearances follow each other according to the intensity of the song, with the intention of giving visibility that there is more than a single opponent as the tweet keeps going viral and reaching more and more people.

New features of VS Twitter FNF MOD

  • Original voice for Clownin
  • 1 new Clownin character
  • 2 new songs
  • Background represented by the Twitter platform.

Download VS Twitter for Friday Night Funkin’

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Play VS Twitter Unblocked Online (FNF)

From FNFunkin you can also play VS Twitter Unblocked online from the browser, without downloading the MOD on your PC.

Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week