FNF Heartbreak VS Girlfriend 2.0 NEW Update! – Descargar MOD

Friday Night Funin’ Heartbreak VS Girlfriend 2.0 is the new update of the FNF MOD in which you will be able to face GF along numerous songs. It is a MOD that contains its own story, which is developed through its different cinematics and dialogues (this time if they have a value, since the story has some interest).

FNF Heartbreak VS Girlfriend 2.0
Demon Girlfriend, one of the skins featured in this MOD

Until this update, FNF VS Girlfriend was just another Full Week MOD, but after the release of its 2.0 version, it now includes a total of 10 songs, all of them between BF and GF.  Throughout the songs the story will develop, and the confrontations will take place in different mythical places of FNF. In addition, the GF skin will also change as the story progresses (the Demon Girlfriend skin is the best).

FNF VS Girlfriend v2 also contains different endings, which will occur depending on how you play the game. If you get the good ending you will be able to access all the bonus songs contained in the MOD in the Freeplay menu. It is certainly a MOD that is very worthwhile, as it does not follow the typical structure of all the others.

New features of FNF Heartbreak VS Girlfriend

  • 10 new VS GF songs
  • New versions of GF.
  • New dialogs.
  • New special confrontations.
  • New story for GF.
  • New storyline for the game.

Download FNF Heartbreak VS Girlfriend (Friday Night Funkin’)

Link – Download

Latest updates for FNF VS Girlfriend

  • v2.0 – Extended version