Friday Night Funkin’ VS Among US Animation (Compilation)

Watch Friday Night Funkin’ VS Among Us Animation – Compilation of more than 20 minutes with some of the best animations of FNF X Among Us, in which appear some of the most iconic characters of both games. In this compilation of Among Us X Friday Night Funkin’ animations we can enjoy some of the best videos from Fera Animations.

FNF VS Among US Animations

Being a compilation of different videos from the Fera Animations channel, the only common point between all of them is that they are inspired by the famous Among Us and FNF games. Some of the FNF characters that appear are Whitty, Sky, Carol, Nonsense, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Impostor (FNF version), Tankman, Selever, Daddy Dearest, Skid n’ Pump and Daddy Dearest (among others). On the Among Us side, only Impostors appear (although not much more could be done, since they are the only character available in said game).

Among Us X FNF Animation Compilation – Fera Animations (Video)

This compilation of Among Us and Friday Night Funkin’ animations already has more than 6 million views, which is no surprise given the quality that always prints this Youtuber in his videos. Among the different animations we can find a great diversity of scenes related to both games, which have little to do with each other (since it is a compilation).