Increase Muscle & BOYFRIEND – FNF Animation

Drugs Increase Muscle & BOYFRIENDGF Love BF– New animation of Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will find once again a story with the two lovebirds of the FNF as protagonists: Boyfriend and Girlfriend. In this animation we will find destruction, death, special effects, music, and a lot of humor.

Drugs Increase Muscle & BOYFRIEND FNF Animation

This time, Pamination St brings us an animation featuring famous characters like Tabi, Spooky, GF and BF (in different versions). One of the versions of BF, and the one on which the story is based, is the muscular version. After taking a strength potion (which is very reminiscent of Minecraft), BF gains superhuman muscles that will cause him to inadvertently smash things while walking.

Watch Drugs Increase Muscle & BOYFRIEND FNF Animation

The whole story starts with GF falling in love with different FNF characters (Tabi, Spooky) because of their little muscles. Then BF arrives and tries to conquer her, but for that he will need more muscles, so he decides to go to the gym to train. After a failed gym session, he decides to take a potion, so he becomes a beefy, muscle-bound hunk who finally catches GF’s attention. But this will have its consequences, because then comes another transformation…