BoyFriend VS Spooky Month – New Friday Night Funkin’ animation based on the characters of Spooky Month, the two kids in Halloween costumes that we already know from week 2 of FNF. Also appearing as a protagonist will be Skid and Pump’s mother, Lila, who this time around we’ll find more overprotective than usual.

Boyfriend vs spooky month fnf animation

This is an animation created by GameToons, which offers a high quality graphic design, as well as dialogues that give personality to the main characters. In these cartoons we will find terrifying clowns, a villain and extraterrestrial creatures.

Watch BoyFriend VS Spooky Month Animation by FNF

The story of Boyfriend VS Spooky Month tells us how the Spooky kids leave home and their mother is left very worried, so she goes to meet BF and GF to help her (and also to warn them of the dangers that are loose in the city). BF will be naive and wonder if all those creatures Lila is talking about exist, while GF tells him it’s obvious that they do.  This all ends with an epic rap battle between BF and a demonic being.