BOYFRIEND vs McDONALD’s – FNF Animations

BoyFriend VS McDonald’s – New Friday Night Funkin’ animation in which we will find a story whose protagonists are BF and Ronald McDonald’s clown! It is an animation that tells us how a contest to see who is able to eat more can become a terrifying evening.

Boyfriend vs Mcdonalds FNF Animation

This time, GameToons brings us an animation in which everything starts with BF and GF eating at Mcdonalds, suddenly they see how on a screen appears the McDonald’s clown telling them that they have won a contest. We will also meet a villain whose arms are skimmers in order to make all the burgers (forced by Ronald McDonald’s).

Watch BoyFriend VS McDonald’s FNF Animation

This is a pretty entertaining story that includes dialogues between the main characters. We will have four main characters, many allusions to McDonalds and its food, and above all a surprising ending in which BF and GF end up trapped in a McDonalds take-out bag. Undoubtedly, it is an animation that will make us have a good time.