Boyfriend Turns Into A Vampire – FNF Animations

BoyFriend Turns Into A Vampire & BoyFriend VS Bob & Impostor– New FNF animations created by Fera Animations, featuring the first and second episode of what appears to be a series in which it all starts with BF turning into a vampire, and continues with a rather crazy story featuring various characters from famous FNF MODS such as Bob and the Among Us imposter, among others.


In this first episode we will witness a crazy story that begins with BF and GF as the main characters, both of whom are in high school. We will have a scene in which BF finds himself looking at Sky with a crush face. Then, we will see a rather jealous vampiric version of GF (she physically resembles Mummy Dearest) who attacks Sky. This story ends with a wedding featuring Bob himself from MOD Bob & Bossip as a final surprise.

Watch Boyfriend Turns Into A Vampire FNF Animation

This story features an even cooler and more entertaining continuation episode featuring more characters such as the Fera Animations character, Bob from Bob and Bossip, the Imposter and crewmates from Among Us, and characters from Happy Tree Friends.

Boyfriend VS Bob & Impostor (EP 2)

Boyfriend VS Bob & Impostor brings us a story that continues in the same scenario where “Boyfriend Turns Into a Vampire” ends. We will be in the middle of the altar with the two grooms about to get married when Bob appears to prevent it. From there, madness breaks out and other characters start to arrive, such as the impostors from Among Us in a muscular version.


In this story we will have a lot of comic elements and we will see animations of characters fighting. All this leads up to an ending with BF dressed as a bride and a muddy face that is really worth watching.

Watch BoyFriend VS Bob & Impostor (EP 2) FNF Animation