Sonic The Hedgehog over Boyfriend Skin FNF MOD – Download

Sonic over Boyfriend FNF MOD is one of the best Skins that can be found today for Friday Night Funkin’. Downloading and installing this Skin will not only allow us to play as Sonic The Hedgehog instead of the boyfriend, but it has special versions for pixel week and Christmas week.

sonic over bf fnf mod

These new special Sonic Skins for a few weeks are the last news brought to us by the developer of this Skin (who has many others set in the same theme). You won’t find many Skins that change their appearance depending on the week being played, so this Skin should be in the ranking of the best FNF Skins.

Download Sonic the Hedgehog over Boyfriend Skin

This Skin is totally “legal”, like all the files distributed on FNFunkin.

Name Sonic the Hedgehog
Size 14MB
Type Skin
Caracter who changes Boyfriend
Version 2
Date 23/03/2021

Link – Download

How to install Sonic Over Boyfriend FNF MOD

Installation is very simple, identical to any other skin:

  • You unzip the file you downloaded in a folder.
  • You copy all the files from the folder and insert them into the game files folder.
  • You open the game runer.
  • Open the game executable and check if the Skin is already working.