Weegeepie Luigi FNF Skin (Playable Luigi Over BF) – Descargar

Playable Luigi Over BF (Weegeepie) is a Skin for Friday Night Funkin’ that allows us to play with Luigi himself as the main character, replacing BF. Like all the “playable” skins we publish in FNFunkin, its only use is a simple aesthetic change in the game, so it adds neither new songs nor new backgrounds.

Playable Luigi Skin (Over BF)

Many users have been waiting for quite some time for this Luigi Skin for Friday Night Funkin’ to be released, and finally they will be able to enjoy this skin in the different weeks of the game. It is worth noting that it is a fairly well designed skin, with decent animations and a fairly clean and neat appearance. Undoubtedly, the best Luigi skin for FNF.

Download Playable Luigi Skin for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download the skin from the following mirror, which will allow you to access the file quickly.

Link – Download

How to install Playable Luigi in Friday Night Funkin’

The Luigi skin must replace BF, so we will have to copy the MOD files into the original game files folder. The same process we must follow with any other FNF skin.

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