Friday Night Funkin Skins – Download the best FNF Skins

Friday Night Funkin skins allow us to change the appearance of the characters in the game, to bring to the game great icons of video games and all kinds of new characters. Although they do not allow us to enjoy new songs or weeks, they allow us to customize the game a little more with the endless options provided by the developers of skins for FNF.

fnf skins
Boyfriend’s Mom, one of the most sought after Friday Night Funkin’ skins

Nowadays there are Skins of all kinds, all of them free and allowed by the original game, with which we can change the skin of the boyfriend, the girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, and any other character of Friday Night Funkin’. Downloading and installing Skins for FNF is super simple and won’t take you more than a few minutes. Once you learn how to do it, it won’t take you a minute to change Skins in Friday Night Funkin’.

How to install Skins in Friday Night Funkin?

The process to follow is very simple, since you only have to replace the MOD files with the original game files:

  1. Download the desired skin.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file in a folder.
  3. Copy the files from that folder and paste them into the files folder of the original game (or of the FNF installation you are using).
  4. Replace all the files that are repeated.
  5. Open the game normally and enjoy the skin.

How to install several Skins at once in FNF?

You must keep in mind that, when installing a skin in FNF, what we do is to replace the original character skin with a new one. This means that we cannot have two skins of the same character at the same time (except in some MODs, such as Minus).

However, we can change the skin of the groom, the bride and Daddy Dearest (all the others too), simultaneously, since the files that we will be replacing are different. Therefore, you could have one skin for the groom and a different one for the bride, you would just have to install each of the Skins as you normally would.

Download Skins for Friday Night Funkin’

In FNFunkin we collect the best Skins for FNF, and we organize them according to the character they replace. In this section you can find skins for the groom, the bride, Daddy Dearest and other opponents. We will be adding new Skins little by little.

Download FNF Boyfriend Skins – Friday Night Funkin’

With these skins you will be able to replace the appearance of the protagonist of the game, the groom.

Download skins for the girlfriend (GF) in FNF

With these skins you can replace the appearance of the protagonist’s girlfriend, who is a spectator in all your musical battles.

Download skins for Daddy Dearest in FNF

With these skins you can replace the appearance of Daddy Dearest, the first opponent of the game.

Download skins for Skid n Pump in FNF

With these skins you will be able to add a new appearance to Skid n Pump throughout his week in the game.

Download skins for MOM in FNF

MOM week is special, as it includes many special details (such as the background dancers) that can also be included within the skins for MOM.

Download skins for Pico in FNF

Replacing Pico is possible with all these skins.