FNF Zardy’s Monochrome MOD – Download

Download FNF Zardy’s Monochrome – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new version of the famous song “Monochrome” from the MOD Hypno’s Lullaby, which is inspired by Gold from the creepypasta Lost Silver. This time we will have a really creepy version of Zardy, who replaces Gold during this show.

Zardy's Monochrome FNF MOD

Zardy’s Monochrome FNF features a new song, already mentioned above. As we already know, Monochrome is a song with a high level of difficulty that creates a terrifying atmosphere. This time, the horror atmosphere is further enhanced by Zardy’s new vocals and the jumps he suddenly makes on screen.

Zardy’s Monochrome offers a background that imitates the background of the last song of Hypno’s Lullaby, but this time instead of Gold we will have a very well worked design of Zardy, who of course also has no arms, and has a face worthy of the best creepypasta. We are facing a MOD that transforms a MOD that we have already enjoyed, adding a new character and making all of us who enjoy this theme have even more content for our Friday Night Funkin’ games.

New features of Zardy’s Monochrome FNF MOD

  • New version of Monochrome
  • New character: Zardy

Download Zardy’s Monochrome for Friday Night Funkin’.

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