FNF Xenophane VS Majin & Eggman.EXE – Download MOD

Download FNF Xenophane VS Majin & Eggman.EXE – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a cover of the song Phantasm in which Sonic will be the protagonist. In addition, it also offers two other incredible songs in which Majin Sonic and Dr.Eggman in EXE version will face Sonic.EXE in an epic musical battle.

Xenophane VS Majin & Eggman.EXE

We are facing a MOD that offers 3 songs with a high level of difficulty in which we can enjoy a musical challenge with characters that we love. We will have the opportunity to have an Exe version of Dr.Eggman that looks really good, along with other graphic elements very well worked as special effects. This is a MOD that doesn’t need too much introduction, as just thinking about the characters that appear and the quality level of the covers makes you want to try it.

Download FNF Xenophane VS Majin & Eggman.EXE for Friday Night Funkin’

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New features of Xenophane VS Majin & Eggman.EXE FNF MOD

  • New week
  • Phantasm Covers
  • Custom Backgrounds

Latest MOD Updates

  • v1.0