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FNF VS Matt Unblocked (Wiik 4) allows us to play online from the browser one of the most epic and difficult to overcome confrontations, as well as one of the best known. The original version of the MOD, v2.1, includes a total of 5 new songs, but we are waiting for the Wiik 4 update, which will bring a new official week for the MOD. However, and since many users are looking forward to it, we have added the fanmade version of Wiik 4, to make the wait lighter for all those who are impatient to play it.

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Play Wii Funkin’ Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

From FNFunkin we offer you the Unblocked Online version of Wii Funkin’, for users who do not wish to download the file on their PC. Anyway, if you want to try the MOD before downloading it, here we leave you the download link. If you want to play Wii Funkin’ Online (Unblocked) without downloading the MOD on your PC, in FNFunkin you can do it. Wii Funkin’, also known as VS Matt, is one of the best MODs of recent months, and more so now that version 2.0 has been released, which has brought quite a few improvements to the MOD. Wii Funkin’ features a total of 5 new songs, all of them with well-designed charts.

Wii Funkin Unblocked

In the new weeks that incorporates this MOD we will be able to face Matt, from Wii Sports. Also, it is worth mentioning that this MOD has support for MAC, something that few can boast.

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