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Download FNF VS Wii Sports Guests – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ inspired by the Wii Sports video game for the Wii console. This is a very interesting MOD, as it mixes characters inspired by the game to which it refers with FNF characters such as Pico.

VS Wii Sports Guests FNF MOD

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VS Wii Sports Guests FNF features a tutorial week and a new week that offers three songs in which we will face different characters. In addition, we will have quite a few spectators in the different backgrounds inspired by different sports that can be played in the Wii video game. In the first song we will find a battle inspired by baseball, in the second song we will find a battle inspired by boxing, and the last one will be inspired by tennis. The songs offer very special vocals, medium difficulty and a spectacular rhythm, especially in the last song, in which Pico appears as a playable character instead of BF.

VS Wii Sports Guests offers new backgrounds completely customized and inspired by Nintendo Wii design. In addition, it offers cutscenes that include dialogues, customized start screen, different skins for the characters depending on the sport in which they are. We are facing a MOD whose aesthetics is not bad at all, which stands out mainly for its musical section, both for its vocals and for the base rhythm of the songs.

New features of VS Wii Sports Guests FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • 3 New Songs
  • New backgrounds
  • New characters
  • Cutscenes and dialogues
  • Home Screen

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Latest MOD updates

  • V1.0 – FULL WEEK