Play VS Whitty Unblocked Online (Ballistic Update v1.4.2) – Friday Night Funkin’

In FNFunkin you can play VS Whitty FNF MOD Online, in its Unblocked version from the browser, without downloading or installing the MOD. VS Whitty is the most downloaded MOD in the history of Friday Night Funkin’, so it goes without saying much to defend the quality of its content.

VS Whitty Unblocked

In VS Whitty we will be able to enjoy 3 new songs, in which we will face Whitty, one of the most famous characters of the FNF modding scene. It features a new engine that improves the quality of the gameplay, as well as the option to edit the game keys.

Update 05/25/2021Vs Whitty Unblocked has been updated to MOD version 1.4.2, which contains a new remaster of the latest MOD song, Ballistic. The old version of Ballistic has been kept in the freeplay menu.

Play VS Whitty Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

In FNFunkin you can play the full version of VS Whitty Unblocked, for all those who do not want or can not download it. Anyway, we leave you also the link to download the MOD on your PC.
Link – Download VS Whitty

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