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FNF VS Super Sonic Smackdown

Download FNF VS Super Sonic Smackdown – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that gives absolute prominence to Sonic, including numerous famous versions of this character. This is one of the best releases this week, since this MOD offers a high level of graphic and musical quality. In addition, it stands out for including several references to different Sonic videogames, and even has a final surprise in the last song.

The current version of Super Sonic Smackdown includes its Wave 1, i.e. its first week, which features content-packed songs featuring the following alternate versions of Sonic: Silver, Dark Sonic and Sonai. Of course, it also includes the appearance of Sonic himself in his original version. Throughout the songs we find melodies that sound really good with different levels of difficulty.

In its graphic section, the level of detail in the construction of the scenarios, the references to each version of Sonic and the animations and special effects stand out. It also includes other elements such as a detailed character design, varied versions of Sonic (some cheerful and others creepypasta), a skin for BF, new animation of “Game Over”, and a new custom design for the menu and loading screen.

We are facing a MOD that has a really well worked content and plans to offer new updates soon in which new characters appear.

Download FNF VS Super Sonic Smackdown for Friday Night Funkin’

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New VS Super Sonic Smackdown FNF MOD Features

  • New Week
  • New Songs
  • Various versions of Sonic
  • Custom designs
  • Scenarios with Sonic references
  • Special effects
  • New “Game Over” animation
  • Skin for BF
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Custom menus and splash screen

Latest MOD Updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week