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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Singe and Sear brings a spectacular MOD to FNF, this time we will have to face two characters, Singe and Sear. VS Singe and Sear brings a lot of content but that is not its greatest virtue, since this content is of great quality. Get into a MOD that will bring you many surprises and will leave you open-mouthed as to how much fun it is to play it.

V.S. Singe and Sear

To begin with it should be noted that in total we will have 8 playable songs, at the beginning of the game we will face Singe a pretty nice girl in which after beating her in two different songs we will have a chat in which she invites us to have a date with her, however, we have to refuse explaining to her that we already have a girlfriend: GF. When we show her, she gets angry and unleashes an evil spirit: Sear, which we have to beat in several more songs.

Graphically the MOD is amazing, to begin with we will have to face two different characters Singe and Sear, each of them with their respective skin… In addition we will have some animated Cutscenes where we will have a well-crafted dialogues as well as a story that has a great argument. The Backgrounds are very successful with unique settings. Sin lugar a dudas se trata de uno de los mejores MODs y de los más completos de las últimas semanas así que te recomendamos que no esperes más y lo descargues para jugarlo cuanto antes.

New features of VS Singe and Sear FNF MOD

  • Large amount of playable content:
  • 8 songs.
  • 2 new characters: Singe and Sear
  • Dialogues with a very solid plot.
  • Animated scenes.
  • Custom Skins.
  • Custom backgrounds.
  • Unpublished menu and home screen.

Download VS Singe and Sear FNF MOD

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Latest updates

  • Versión 1.0