FNF VS Shaggy x Matt Ultimate 2.5 Fanmade – Download MOD

In VS Shaggy x Matt Ultimate 2.5 we find a new version of a well-known MOD that revolutionized the way we understand the video game format. In this new installment of the complete MOD Vs shaggy 2.5 is added in one of the songs the participation of another known character of Friday Night Funkin’, Matt.

VS Shaggy x Matt Ultimate 2.5

As for the original MOD, we can highlight that it consists of a large number of songs of a more than high difficulty, including the large number of keys in some of the final songs. This variation in the number of keys makes this great release one of the most demanding in terms of coordination and concentration level.

In our opinion, the appearance of Matt is not something casual since he is another of the characters that pose a greater challenge to BF. Virtually every time Matt appears we can be sure that the difficulty level of the confrontation is going to be very high, which is no exception in this installment. In addition, in this version we also find the animation scenes of the entire MOD that bring coherence to the narrative of the story and allow us to better understand the motivation of the characters.

New features of VS Shaggy x Matt Ultimate 2.5 FNF MOD

  • New Matt appearance
  • Different background
  • Animated scenes

Download VS Shaggy x Matt Ultimate 2.5 for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

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