FNF VS Shaggy HD Remastered – Play Online & Download

By downloading FNF VS Shaggy HD Remastered you can access the new HD version of the famous MOD VS Shaggy, being this a fanmade reversion that has no relation with the original creators of it. This MOD only includes a visual remake of the original MOD, as both songs and charts remain identical to what we can find in VS Shaggy v2.

FNF VS Shaggy HD Remastered (Fanmade)
FNF VS Shaggy HD Remastered (Fanmade)
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In my personal opinion, the highlight of this reversion of one of the most epic and difficult MODs out there is the visual remake of God-Eater. It should be noted that FNF VS Shaggy HD includes different skins of Shaggy, which vary depending on the song. While the first one is nothing to me, the second one (SSJ) is not bad at all, and the third one (God Eater) is really spectacular and reason enough to consider this fanmade reversion.

This release follows the line of what we have seen in recent weeks, in which several fanmade HD remakes have appeared for several of the most famous MODs of the game (for example VS Sky HD). All of them feature the mythical HD skins of BF and GF, which are taken from the famous FNF HD v3, which has gained so much popularity in recent months.

If you liked the original Shaggy MOD, you will most likely not regret trying this one, as it is technically an improved version, although the gameplay is the same.

New features of FNF VS Shaggy HD MOD

  • New skins in HD for Shaggy, BF and GF.
  • 3 different versions of Shaggy.
  • New backgrounds.

Download VS Shaggy HD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download

Latest updates for VS Shaggy HD

  • v1.0 – Release