FNF VS Real Squid Game [New mechanics] – Download

Download FNF VS Real Squid Game – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new version of Squid Game in which we will find our favorite character of FNF inside the first game that left us all with our mouths open when we saw the series. This is a MOD in which we will have BF inside the scenario of the game “Green Light, Red Light”, and it will be a MOD very different from what we are used to, since it changes the mechanics of the game to adapt it to Squid Game.Real Squid Game FNF MOD

The VS Real Squid Game FNF week includes a new remix of the song “Green light, Red Light” from Squid Game. This song features sound effects that give it an incredible ambience. Throughout this song we will not have the usual mechanics of FNF, but we will have to play as if it were Squid Game. When the light is green we can move forward (using space), and when it is red we have to stay completely immobilized, otherwise we will lose the game (and also our life). As an addition to the mechanics of the well-known game, we have the FNF arrows, which must be pressed to avoid a scare, so we also have to be aware of these. This is a MOD with a high difficulty level in which we will enjoy a different gameplay and a higher level of tension.

Graphically, FNF VS Real Squid Game offers us a new fully customized background in which we will find ourselves in the middle of the field of the first Squid Game game, with the giant doll in front of us and the guards as spectators. It is a really well done stage in which we will also have a skin with the player’s uniform for BF, which we will only see from the back during the game. This is a MOD with a very special content, which will delight fans of Squid Game. In addition, it is also perfect for those who want to develop new skills in Friday Night Funkin’.

New features in VS Real Squid Game FNF MOD

  • New song
  • New game mode
  • Squid Game skin for BF
  • Custom background

Download VS Real Squid Game for Friday Night Funkin’

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