FNF VS Pibby Bugs Bunny MOD FULL WEEK – Download

Download FNF VS Pibby Bugs Bunny – New MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new version of Pibby X FNF, but this time the character that will become corrupt is Bugs Bunny. How can such an adorable rabbit become terrifying? Check it out with “Come Learn With Pibby” and this creepy MOD.

VS Pibby Bugs Bunny

VS Pibby Bugs Bunny offers us a new week that includes 2 new songs called “You will be mine” and “Oh yeah”. In these songs we will find a corrupted version of Bugs Bunny that looks really good fighting a musical battle against BF and Pibby. These are songs with a rather upbeat rhythm, as they include melodies from the Looney Tunes animations. However, we will encounter some distorted vocals from this (usually friendly) rabbit. These two songs offer a high level of difficulty for Friday Night Funkin’ ,being the second one the most complicated.

Graphically, FNF VS Pibby Bugs Bunny offers new custom backgrounds, a new Pibby-style design for the stage and for the character itself, custom home screen, new menu, and an intro scene that looks really good. This is a MOD that includes one more character in this theme that has been so successful in FNF MODs. What will be the next one?

New features of VS Pibby Bugs Bunny FNF MOD

  • New Week
  • 2 New Songs
  • New Character: Bugs Bunny Corrupted
  • Home Screen
  • Intro

Download VS Pibby Bugs Bunny for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – FULL WEEK