Download VS NEON FNF MOD (Full Week) – Friday Night Funkin’

VS NEON FNF is one of the MODs for Friday Night Fuinkin’ most difficult to overcome, focusing its difficulty mainly on the speed at which the charts move. Downloading and installing VS NEON will allow you to enjoy a new week within FNF, which will replace week 6, changing the Senpai character for NEON.


The quality of VS NEON is truly spectacular, at a height achievable by very few to date. The new character sprites are literally magnificent, highlighting especially the last evolution of NEON, which is truly epic. The new charts, focused on difficulty, are also very well designed, and will challenge any expert FNF player. Another remarkable detail in VS NEON is its cinematics between stages, in which we can enjoy watching how our opponent evolves in an epic way.

This MOD has literally everything a great FNF MOD needs. Every detail has been taken care of to offer a game experience at the height of the original game (you can tell that the developer has a lot of knowledge on the subject, since he also develops his own game). It is one of the MODs that every self-respecting FNF player should download.

What’s included in the VS NEON FNF MOD in Friday Night Funkin’?

  • A complete new week (replaces week 6).
  • New cinematics and dialogues (top quality).
  • New opponent (replaces week 6).
  • New opponent: NEON (with an incredible Skin).
  • 3 new songs (with new levels very difficult to overcome).
  • New sprites for GF.
  • New sprites for GF.
  • Utilizes Kade Engine.

Latest updates of VS NEON FNF MOD

  • v1.1 – Updated the scroll speeds of the charts, to slightly reduce the difficulty level.

Download VS NEON FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download the MOD from the following Google Drive mirror.
Link – Download

How to install VS NEON in Friday Night Funkin’

This MOD already includes an executable file, which allows us to play without installing the MOD. Unzip the file you downloaded and enjoy one of the best FNF MODs.

Trailer and Review of VS NEON FNF MOD