FNF VS Neo Mickey Mouse 3.0 – Download MOD

In VS Neo Mickey Mouse 3.0 we face a totally different version of the original MOD in which this original version is inspired. This time we will have the opportunity to face against Mickey Mouse, but with a very different interpretation, in this case it will be in a totally futuristic environment that can even remind us of the scenarios of the Matrix movie.

VS Neo Mickey Mouse 3.0

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On the one hand, we present the new remixed version of the original MOD songs “Happy” and “Unhappy” that will bring a futuristic touch to the sensations that we transmit when playing in these fights, it is certainly a great job of reconceptualization of the original versions.

As for the aesthetic section of VS Neo Mickey Mouse 3.0 we can highlight several innovative elements. First of all we have the new skins for both BF and GF and for Mickey Mouse himself, which convey a new shade of colors to match the arrows that are introduced, which also change color with respect to the original game. In addition, we will enjoy a new background fully customized in the same style as the new appearances of the characters.

Undoubtedly this high quality remastering and innovative elements of the MOD will take us to a new dimension where the confrontation between our protagonists and Mickey Mouse will take a totally different interpretation.

New features of VS Neo Mickey Mouse 3.0 FNF MOD

  • New skins for Mickey, Gf and BF
  • Customized background
  • New animations
  • Happy and Unhappy song remixes

Download VS Neo Mickey Mouse 3.0 for Friday Night Funkin’

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