FNF VS Matt Wiik 100 – Play Online & Download (Fanmade)

Download FNF VS Matt Wiik 100 – This new MOD offers a series of new confrontations against the classic character Matt, which has received countless reversions by the community. It should be noted that, like many others, this MOD is FanMade, so it has not been developed by the original creators of the VS Matt MOD. It is a MOD that follows the line of what usually offer us the confrontations against Matt (high difficulty).

VS Matt Wiik 100

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As we mentioned, in FNF VS Matt Wiik 100 we find a new week complete with 3 unreleased songs that come with a confrontation already more than recurrent, Matt vs BF. We can see that from the first confrontation the MOD includes a fairly high level of difficulty, plus some very striking songs that will not leave indifferent the community of players and that will be a challenge.

In the graphic aspect we can highlight the animations between songs, which offer some funny dialogues in two cutscenes where both characters challenge each other and comment on their historical rivalry, thus increasing the tone of the conversation and the desire to continue facing each other. We can also see a new skin of Matt, who appears with a sword, as well as a new background that places the scene on the roof of a building.

New features of VS Matt Wiik 100 FNF MOD

  • Full week
  • New Matt skin
  • Original background.
  • 3 previously unreleased songs.

Download VS Matt Wiik 100 for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Full Week