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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Jerry The Circle is a MOD for FNF that brings us a curious title, and this time the whole MOD will revolve around a touch of realism and humor. It all starts when we are walking along the street with GF and we meet Jerry The Circle, to whom we will ask him to please make us a song for a MOD of Friday Night Funkin’, to which he answers us no in a bad way, that’s when we challenge him to a musical duel that he will not be able to deny.

VS Jerry The Circle

As for MOD content, we will have a new week for Friday Night Funkin’, which comes with 4 completely unreleased integrated songs. The songs are quite lively, fun to play and with a progressive difficulty level, so as we go forward they will become more complicated.

Also visually it is evident that seeing the Skin of our opponent is not a spectacular MOD in terms of graphics, but it does have some interesting details such as a custom Background, some Cutscenes with dubbed dialogues, the introduction of a new character…

It is not that we are facing the best MOD of all time, but it is a MOD more than correct, funny, fun to play, and with a new week that musically will give us some hours of fun.

New features of VS Jerry The Circle FNF MOD

  • New week
  • 4 unreleased songs.
  • Cutscenes.
  • Dubbed dialogues.
  • Pause menu with different configurable options.
  • Customized background.

Download VS Jerry The Circle for Friday Night Funkin’

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Play VS Jerry The Circle Unblocked (FNF) Online

From FNFunkin you can also play VS Jerry The Circle Unblocked online from the browser, without downloading the MOD to your PC.

Latest MOD updates

  • Version 1.0