FNF VS Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9) UPDATE – Download MOD

In Friday Night Funkin’ VS Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9) you can enjoy a new FNF MOD that offers an interesting crossover between Jenny Wakeman (serial character) and FNF. The MOD is currently in its DEMO phase, so it does not offer all the content it is planned to contain in its final version.

vs jenny

In FNF VS Jenny Wakeman you can enjoy for now a new song, which has quite a lot of rhythm, and offers some very interesting charts with different additions, which also have high difficulty areas (also, it’s only the first song, so you know what to expect for the next ones).

In the new background included in the MOD week you can see multiple well-known characters, all of them related to the Jenny Wakeman series. One of the most interesting additions is undoubtedly the skin of its protagonist, which has been imitated to perfection, and has its own animations and vocal characters. Now we can only wait for the Full Week version, as it is clear that it is a release that will be very worthwhile once it comes out.

With the new VS Jenny update, we will have a total of 3 new songs for the week in which we will see this character in an incredible musical battle against BF. In addition, it has new custom backgrounds, custom arrows, a new design for the main menu, and a new skin for Jenny. We are facing a MOD that stands out for having a unique design style along with songs that sound pretty good.

New features of VS XJ-9 Jenny Wakeman FNF MOD (DEMO)

  • New week.
  • 3 new songs.
  • New character: Jenny Wakeman.
  • Different backgrounds.
  • Personalized menu.

Download FNF VS Jenny Wakeman for Friday Night Funkin’

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