Play FNF VS Fizz Unblocked Online FULL WEEK (FNF MOD)

With FNF VS Fizz Unblocked you can play online from the browser a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes a new week in which you will face Fizz in an arcade and arcade machines. For now the MOD is in DEMO phase, so we can only enjoy the first song of the week.

Vs Fizz Unblocked

This MOD is expected to include at least a total of 3 songs when its Full Week version is released. One of the most interesting details of the MOD is its background, an Arcade room that is full of characters and references from other famous MODs. If you are a fan of the game it won’t take you long to recognize most of them.

Play FNF VS Fizz Unblocked Online – Friday Night Funkin’

You can play FNF VS Fizz Unblocked Online from FNFunkin. You can also download the MOD on your PC from the link below.

Download FNF VS Fizz

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