VS Clippy FULL WEEK (FNF MOD) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Clippyis a new MOD for FNF that stands out for the creativity of its content, as it includes a new week in which we will face Clippy, the mythical Clip that helped us in Windows (I don’t know if it still exists).


In the new week VS Clippy we can enjoy 3 songs of long duration, whose difficulty ranges from low to medium, and have a very good quality. The truth is that the charts, despite being easy, offer us an interesting gameplay. Although it is not one of the strong points of the MOD, its music is very good and its songs are longer than average.

What really gives this MOD a differentiating aspect over others is the artistic part. Clippy’s new Skin is well designed (considering it’s a clip), but what most strikes me personally is its background, which is full of quite funny Windows windows that give the MOD a very interesting Chaos look. I’m sure you’ll have a hard time not getting distracted reading the different Windows windows and their content.

Overall, a highly recommended MOD, which stands out above all for the creativity of the idea, which is undoubtedly quite successful. Still, an idea is nothing if it is not well developed, so the developers of the MOD can be happy with their work.

New features of VS Clippy FNF MOD

  • New VS Clippy week
  • 3 new low/medium difficulty songs
  • New very creative background.
  • New character: Clippy.

Latest updates of VS Clippy MOD

  • v0.2 – Full Week Version.

Download VS Clippy for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download